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Latest News

New/Final information about accommodation for 39th Ljubljana Cup

Dear friends,
after we had some problems with free space in hotel Snovik, I would like to inform you that we solved the problem.
Because there are only 15 apartments and very few double rooms free, you must follow this instructions for your reservation.
YOU MUST MAKE RESERVATION BY E-MAIL AND USE SECRET CODE "RAKETAR" that people at the reception will know that you are one of us for Ljubljana Cup and give you the room. You will get a special price for apartment for 4 persons which is 168 EUR for 2 nights (from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning) too.
FOR other special prices and RESERVATIONS WRITE TO hotel Snovik at E-MAIL:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Make your reservation as soon as possible!

Thanks and see you soon!


About Ljubljana Cup

The First and the Last ~ 1979 was a focal date in Space Modelling's history, a decade-old ARK Komarov set up the First Ljubljana Cup. Significant...but no one could have envisaged the immense positive consequences...nobody had even thought about the World Cup back then.

More years, more Ljubljana Cups and all too often, the latest edition better than the last. Ljubljana really is the Mecca for Space Modellers and it is the one event that can be relied upon to take place, even the schisms of the former-Yugoslavia, ~25 years ago, did not interrupt the sequence. Some might even claim that the Ljubljana Cup re-united warring factions. More happily, it is where the entries are BIG; the flying standard BRILLIANT; the parties MEMORABLE. It's where the Dragons are hunted in a playful spirit and always come back for more. It's where the World Cup placings are decided each year.

Enough, in practical terms, Ljubljana is the European Championships...Dragons truly a cherished beast. Astronavsko raketarski klub Vladimir M. Komarov is a cult and every year sets up the Last word in Space Modelling World Cups...it's the VERY BEST.

by Stuart Lodge

Map (launching site)

Contact Information

ARK V. M. Komarov, Hudovernikova 8
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Telefon: +386 41 737 672 - Jože Čuden (Mobile)
  +386 1 4790220 - Jože Čuden (Office)
  +386 41 838 803 - Anton Šijanec (Mobile)

Fax: +386 1 25 22 487 - Jože Čuden (Office)

E-mail:  joze.cuden@guest.arnes.si